Environmental Commitment

We believe that responsible companies are responsible to the environment. That’s why we strive to make business decisions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. When you choose Mission Linen Supply for your rental and service needs, be assured we understand and respond to our responsibility to the environment.

Our Commitment is Strong

Mission Linen Supply’s commitment to the environment goes back decades. In 1970 Mission Linen Supply formed Mission Water Reclamation Service to design and build water reclamation projects for the industrial laundry industry. In recent years Mission has led the way by retrofitting our existing plants with wastewater pretreatment systems, water reclamation and more energy efficient equipment. Mission Linen Supply is proud to offer our customers cost effective, earth-conscious ways to maintain a spotless image.

Environmental Stewardship

Our environmental stewardship program focuses on the planet, people and profits. We look to conserve resources, reduce waste and increase safety.

  • Harmful waste products are removed from our wash water before it reaches the drain.
  • Higher temperatures and specialized chemicals used in our laundry process produce a more hygienic product than “on premise laundries” or a home laundry operation.
  • Our laundries use less than half the water and utilities per pound of laundry as an on-premise laundry or a residential laundry.
  • Most of our rinse water is reused as wash water, without having to re-soften or re-heat it. This process reduces the amount of water we use by 20% or more, with similar savings in energy.
  • Our heaviest work is scheduled outside periods when public demand for electricity is highest, helping to prevent brownouts.