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It’s challenging right now to embrace the current realities associated with dealing with managing and running your business. We understand and want to help!

Our company is uniquely qualified to deal with situations like COVID-19

We can help you Manage Overflow, Influx, and Supply Demands of your Linens

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Let’s Face it . . . Things Have Changed

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Managing your on-premise laundry to meet guest room and dining area linen demands can be difficult when machines are not full, are filled more often than usual and your occupancy levels are not consistent. In addition, the added responsibilities and precautionary measures you have to implement to ensure the safety of staff and guests is a lot to think about.

Since 1930, Mission Linen Supply has helped businesses like yours through tough situations. As you prepare to reopen and increase occupancy levels, we support large and small hotels and have built successful programs.

 Maximum Protection - Local Solutions

HLAC and Hygienically Clean Accredited which means we eliminate cross contaminations and take extra precautions in processing your linens to ensure we do our part to protect employees and guests from spreading infectious disease through your linens. PLUS we’re local; we’ll wash and deliver your linens during this transitional time and beyond.

MORE Cost Savings

How can a commercial laundry save you money when you have an on-premise-laundry? You do the math. Our cost calculator will show you how much you can save.


We understand the challenges you're facing, we want to help!

Since 1930, the professionals at Mission Linen Supply understand the importance of taking precautions to eliminate cross-contamination when processing linens. As you prepare to reopen and increase occupancy levels, we are a local commercial laundry who can help wash and deliver your linens so you can take care of your guests.

Together, we can make well-being and safety an even higher priority.

Please contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your linen needs and learn more about what a partnership with Mission would look like.

  • Manage Inventory
  • Control Cost
  • Consolidate Suppliers
  • Delivery On Time
  • Keep your Staff And Guest Safe
  • No-Obligation Assessment
  • No Hassle, No Risk,More Option

We Deliver Hygienically Clean Linens to your Hotel

Our 6 Step Process is Simple

Mission Linen 6 Step Laundry Service

We are a Hygienically Clean Certified Laundry

We follow strict processes and procedures and are HLAC  accredited and Hygienically Clean certified, meaning we go above industry standards to keep our customers safe when it comes to linen and uniform programs. This level of excellence protects our employees and meets or even exceeds the strict demands of our customers.

In fact, the HLAC accreditation is completely voluntary for commercial laundries. Our decision to become accredited demonstrates our commitment to providing outstanding services while ensuring your linens are being processed to achieve the goals of preventing the spread of infection and delivering clean textiles.

As an owner or manager of a hotel, your standards are high, and that’s why we’ve intested in earning our accreditation; we believe this accreditation makes us a better company.

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State-of-the-art laundry facilities are more environmentally impactful

Our laundry facilities are built using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, creating operational efficiencies as well as garment-tracking capabilities while reducing the impact on the environment by using fewer resources and producing less waste.

Cost Calculator

Managing costs is an important part of your business. The cost calculator on the left is a tool that will help you understand how a partnership with Mission will impact your business and it’s bottom line. Download the calculator and fill out the information based on your individual hotel needs to get a general estimate.

If you would like a more accurate cost representationto or would like to learn more about our services and capabilities contact us.

MORE Products and Services

Making sure your hotel linens are taken care of is certainly a priority. But we can also help you with other laundry needs too—and even cleaning products and floor mats.
  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
  • Spa/Pool
  • Gloves
  • In-room
  • Executive
  • Restroom
  • First aid
  • Cleaning
  • PPE Apparel
  • Floor Mats
  • Uniforms