Employees Sharing Some of the Secrets Behind the Company’s 85 Years of Success

Employees Share Secrets Behind the Company’s 85 Years of Success

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Mission Linen Supply recently unveiled a new video on the Careers page of its website and LinkedIn that features employees sharing their thoughts on what it’s like to work at Mission and what the company’s keys to success have been over its 85 year history.

“No one understands more about what makes this company a leader in our industry, than our employees,” said John Ross, President and CEO of Mission. “These are the folks on the front lines every day, tackling problems, coming up with solutions, and working together to serve our customers’ needs. There’s no one better equipped to tell the Mission story and this video gives our team the opportunity to share their own individual experiences.”

Mission has been a family-owned, private company since 1930. The business began as a one-man laundry operation founded by George (Ben) Page at the start of the great depression. Over the years, Mission diversified and expanded its products and services to meet customers’ changing needs. Today, the company employs over 2,500 people, yet still manages to maintain that family company mentality the business was built on.

Many employees interviewed for the video talked about how much they appreciate their supportive, collaborative co-workers at Mission and how important it is to them to build strong relationships, not only with their colleagues, but also with their customers. To emphasize this point, one interviewee quoted the founder’s well-known mantra, “we’re not in the linen business; we’re in the people business.”

That’s a guiding principle that seems to have worked well for the company over the last eight decades. At a time when most workers move from company to company every few years, Mission has employees who have worked at the company for 40+ years, with an average tenure of 10 years. At a time when customer loyalty to businesses seems at an all time low, Mission’s customers have been with Mission on average 11 years.

“When you treat your employees well, you treat your customers well…it really is that simple,” said Ross. “If there could be only one key takeaway from this video, it should be that.  Happy, successful employees will always take great care of customers, even in difficult circumstances. We’ve proven it at Mission.”