Mission Linen Supply Just Says “No” to Distracted Driving

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MISSION LINEN SUPPLY JUST SAYS “NO” TO DISTRACTED DRIVING Company Kicks Off Its New Safe Driving Campaign, Arrive Alive. Just Drive. During Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Santa Barbara, CA – April 30, 2013 Today, Mission Linen Supply, a leading provider of rental and direct sale products, services and supplies, took steps to reinforce the importance of safety among its people by rolling out a new campaign to promote safe driving. Arrive Alive. Just Drive. has been developed to encourage everyone at Mission Linen to focus only on driving when behind the wheel. This means not only avoiding texting and cell phone use, but eliminating any behaviors that may divert one’s eyes from the road including eating, drinking or looking at a GPS screen. Mission believes this new program, which features a series of helpful safety tips and reminders, will avoid distracted driving collisions and help keep all employees out of harm’s way while on the road.

“We are committed to safe driving practices and want to ensure our employees arrive home safely each day,” said John Ross, Vice President Operations for Mission. “In 2011, 3,331 people were killed and 387,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. Each year there seems to be an increase in deaths or collisions,” he said. “We want to avoid becoming a statistic. Mission Linen Supply has a strong culture of safety and this initiative is an example of the proactive manner our company approaches mitigating risk through awareness, education and action.”

To demonstrate their support for this initiative, Mission’s 2,500 employees took personal responsibility for their driving behaviors by signing an Arrive Alive. Just Drive. PLEDGE. By taking the PLEDGE, they agreed to: avoid all distracted driving behavior, always keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel and never text or talk on a cell phone while driving.

“On average, Mission Linen Supply drives 11,400,000 miles a year,” Ross said. “Our goal with this campaign is to ensure the safety of our employees and others on the road by increasing awareness of distracted driving. We hope to go an entire year without a collision.” About Mission Linen Supply Mission Linen Supply is a privately held company and a leading provider of rental products, services and supplies to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses. The company’s mission is to maximize profits and operating efficiencies for customers by offering them one-stop shopping for their linen and industrial needs.

Mission Linen Supply manages more than 40 plants and employs twenty-five hundred people in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. The company relies on technology and environmentally-minded vendor partners to conserve resources and reduce waste. Founded in 1930, Mission Linen Supply is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and is located on the web at www.missionlinen.com.