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Local Company Wins 5-Year Contract from County, Responds with Environmentally Friendly Technology to Deliver the Goods

Santa Barbara, CA – October 6, 2010–Mission Linen Supply, a leader in textile rental and buy direct programs, announced today that it has been awarded an exclusive five-year contract from Santa Barbara County. Under the agreement the company will be the sole provider of uniforms, dust mops, mats and towels to more than 250 people and over 50 locations throughout Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Barbara County contract covers a range of local offices and departments including Sheriffs’ stations, County fire departments, County roads, Flood Control, Sanitation Transfer Stations (Tajiguas Land Fill), County clinics and the County Jail. Mission Linen Supply will be providing uniforms for county employees, excluding those in the Sheriff’s and Fire Departments, as well as a range of industrial service products.

Although Santa Barbara had been a Mission Linen customer in the past, the County had contracted with a different provider in recent years. Now that the two entities are working together again, both parties are pleased that the business has gone to a local company.

Karl Willig, Mission Linen Supply’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “As a national business with local headquarters, we couldn’t be more proud to provide service to the government and public works employees of Santa Barbara County. We’ve been business members of this community since 1930, and we’re delighted the County has chosen to work with a local partner.”

In other Santa Barbara news Mission Linen Supply announced that it has launched a pilot project using a specially-designed delivery truck fueled with environmentally friendly compressed natural gas (CNG). The company worked with BAF Technologies, the recognized leader in natural gas technology and conversion, to equip the truck with the CNG system. The vehicle will use less fuel and produce fewer harmful emissions, saving the company money while minimizing its environmental impact.

Mission Linen Supply’s CNG truck was deployed in June of 2010 and is used to make deliveries to approximately 129 customers in the Santa Barbara area. After evaluating the pilot program, the company will decide which of their current markets would achieve the greatest benefit by placing more CNG vehicles into service.

The Compressed Natural Gas powered engine is capable of reducing NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions (a greenhouse gas) by as much as 98%, thereby reducing smog. It is also capable of reducing carcinogenic particulate matter by 99%. The overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be 30% or greater. The company also expects to save as much as 30-40% on fuel costs by using the CNG vehicle.

“Since we depend on trucks to conduct our business, we are committed to finding ways to increase fuel efficiency while reducing our carbon footprint,” said Don Bock, Director of Risk Management, for Mission Linen Supply. “We’re hopeful that we can have a positive impact on the environment and save money, making the case for other companies in our industry to follow suit.”

About Mission Linen Supply Mission Linen Supply is a privately held company and a leading provider of rental products, services and supplies to hospitality, medical, and industrial businesses. The company’s mission is to maximize profits and operating efficiencies for customers by offering them one-stop-shopping for their linen and industrial needs.

Mission Linen Supply manages more than 50 plants and employs three thousand people in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. The company relies on technology and environmentally-minded vendor partners to conserve resources and reduce waste. Founded in 1930, Mission Linen Supply is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, and located on the web at www.missionlinen.com.

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