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Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Awards Mission Linen Supply its Second National Inspection

Phoenix, Arizona — March 29, 2011 Mission Linen Supply has received its second national inspection from Healthcare Laundry Accreditation (HLAC). The first accreditation was received in Chino, California in November 2009 and the second in Phoenix, AZ this month. National inspections assure customers that the highest quality safety standards are being met.

HLAC is a non-profit organization that inspects and accredits laundries that process healthcare textiles for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

HLAC’s mission is to publish and promote high standards for processing healthcare textiles in laundries, and to provide an accreditation process that recognizes those laundries that meet these high standards. The decision to become accredited is completely voluntary.

“Earning accreditation makes us a better company, and it gives our customers peace of mind to know their supplier is meeting the highest standards in processing healthcare textiles,” says Karl Willig, Mission Linen Supply President and Chief Executive Officer.

“The customers that we serve—predominately acute-care hospitals—are accustomed to dealing with agencies, vendors and people who have accreditation,” Willig says. “It’s the right thing to do if you are in the business of processing and providing healthcare textiles.”

The primary benefit of accreditation is that an independent third party has inspected your facility and found that it meets or exceeds the highest standards for processing healthcare textiles. A laundry cannot inspect and accredit itself, and its customers generally do not have the time or expertise to do so.

The HLAC accreditation process was developed with several industry groups, including:

* American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES)

* American Reusable Textiles Association (ARTA)

* Association for Linen Management (ALM)

* Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)

* International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM)

* Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA) About Mission Linen Supply Mission Linen Supply is a privately held company and a leading provider of rental products, services and supplies to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses. The company’s mission is to maximize profits and operating efficiencies for customers by offering them one-stop-shopping for their linen and industrial needs.

Mission Linen Supply manages more than 50 plants and employs three thousand people in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. The company relies on technology and environmentally minded vendor partners to conserve resources and reduce waste. Founded in 1930, Mission Linen Supply is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA and is located on the web at www.missionlinen.com.

Contact Information Mission Linen Supply Contact: Kim Garden Phone: (805) 730-3715 Fax: (805) 560-3589 Email: kgarden@misisonlinen.com