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Whether it’s a tablecloth, a hospital gown or a fire-resistant uniform, textiles are generally more effective when they cover more area. It’s the same with Santa Barbara, California based Mission Linen Supply, which for more than 80 years has been a leader in providing linens, uniforms and related services to a broad customer base. President and CEO John Ross says the company’s ability to serve all industries effectively has made it one of the most successful companies of its kind on the West Coast.

“We serve the widest array of customers in the textile services industry,” Ross says. “It ranges from hospitals and smaller medical clinics to high-end restaurants to manufacturing facilities that have industrial garment requirements to oil refineries and natural gas service companies who work out in remote places developing natural resources with specialty fi re-resistant garments.”

Founded in 1930 by George “Ben” Page, Mission Linen Supply has grown from a one-man operation into one with more than 40 facilities serving customers in California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon and New Mexico. Ross says the company’s diverse capabilities are a natural byproduct of Mission’s longstanding commitment to continually evolve its product and service offerings to meet the changing needs of its customers. But he notes that it’s the experience and dedication or Mission’s people that make it all possible.

The company’s devotion to being a responsible steward of the environment also gives Mission added efficiency that enhances its advantage in the marketplace. With all of these factors in place, it’s no wonder why Mission Linen Supply continues to hold a leadership position in the industry.


Most linen or uniform supply companies tend to focus on one or two specific segments of the marketplace, but Mission Linen Supply’s main advantage lies in how it can provide a complete textile solution for multiple customer bases. “We’re as comfortable taking care of a five-star hotel as we are managing a healthcare facility,” Ross says.

The key to meeting the diverse needs of our customers is simple. “First and foremost is our people,” Ross says. “Our people are skilled, knowledgeable in the industries we serve and our customer’s unique challenges, and have a long tenure with Mission Linen Supply.”

The average employee providing front-line customer service to Mission Linen Supply’s customers has more than a decade of experience with the company, according to Ross. The company’s managers tend to have multiple decades of service within the company. Mission Linen Supply’s management trainee program grooms employees specifically to take over leadership positions from the inside, ensuring that the company retains its most experienced people… Read More