Medical Uniform Program Made Simple

Automate your hospital’s uniform program to reduce complexity and costs.
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Reduce Costs

Regain Control

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Uniform Program Woes?

We know how you feel. You shouldn't have to painstakingly vet vendors, struggle with customizations, deal with incorrect garment colors, sizes, and logo embroidery, guess how much is being spent from your budget, and all the other busy work involved.
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Reduce complications and relieve stress

Slash Management Time
Streamline your uniform program, and generate instant savings of up to $50 per uniform.
Align Budgets
In a couple of clicks, gain access to robust financial reports on department and employee-level orders, allotments, and more.
Patient Satisfaction
By outfitting your departments with color-coded uniforms, you’ll deliver consistent, safe, and memorable experiences.

To ease your frustrations, we created SmartBuy

An easy online ordering program for administrators just like you.
  • 60K employees served and growing
  • Over 1.2M uniforms shipped
  • Powers 650+ businesses, including many leading healthcare organizations:
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Enjoy an easier way
to outfit your team with uniforms:

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To manage your uniform program.
Eliminate Stress
So you don’t have to worry about uniforms anymore.

Eliminate Frustration from Medical Uniform Ordering

Interviews with employees who manage uniform programs at some of the largest hospitals across the U.S. told us how much time they really put into their ordering process, and how frustrated they are with it.

It turns out there’s a simple, no-cost solution. 30% of top medical campuses are already using it—and saving thousands of dollars a year.