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As efficiency experts we understand that having the right supplies available when they’re needed maximizes productivity and efficiency in the workplace and promotes organization. Today, Mission is doing MORE to help our customers improve their buying processes, reduce overhead costs, and save time by giving them one-stop-shop options to consolidate suppliers and get everything you need to improve your businesses and keep it running efficiently... all from one place.

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First Impressions

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Your greeting desk, receptionist area, and customer services centers are often the first interaction your customers have with your business. The importance of these areas being clean, organized, and well supplied is essential to ensure you're making the best first impression on your customers from the moment they walk in the door.

Our selection of offerings for front desk areas include everything a desk manager might need to carry out day to day activities. Shop varieties and types of writing implements, post-its and sticky notes, yellow legal pads and white notepads in different sizes, scotch tape and tape dispensers, staplers and staple refills, clipboards, highlighters and more.

In addition, we have desk organization accessories, storage, mailroom, and filing products to get your office organized and working efficiently. Find items such as manila file folders, hanging folders, copy paper and printer essentials, and items for labeling.

Essentials to Maximize Productivity

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The breakroom or common room is like the heart of the business, the gathering place, like a kitchen is to a home. Studies have shown that stocked, organized, and clean breakrooms produce higher employee productivity levels. We have everything to make your breakroom, a BREAKroom and not just a WAITINGroom.

Essentials to grab include snacks and disposable plates, cups, napkins, utensils, tea and coffee station supplies, scheduling and calendar items, magnets for the refrigerator, and whiteboards or pinboards for company announcements. Don't forget the thumbtacks or dry erase markers to go with your selection.

Delivering a Great Presentation

office tabe2A well-equipped conference room or meeting space demonstrates a professional and well-prepared company for your employees or visiting colleagues. Having what you need when you need it allows you to focus on the delivery of a great presentation, speech, seminar, or training. Additionally, proper organization and planning supported by the right meeting supplies can also improve conversation, inspire collaboration, and promote creativity.

Our suggested products to make your business gatherings a success include easels or whiteboards, adequate amounts of items for note-taking are essential, make sure you supply enough pens, pencils, highlighters, and paper.

To keep it all organized, you could also provide folders, paper clips, or binder clips. Lastly, we recommend providing supplies to correct notes such as white out or correction tape because let’s face it taking notes is like rough drafting an essay.

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