Rental vs. Buy

Rental Services vs. Buying Direct – You Don’t Have to Choose!

When it comes to your business, you may find yourself overwhelmed with choices – namely, should you rent or purchase products and services? Luckily, you don’t have to choose. For many companies, the right decision is a combination of renting and buying.

Renting Uniforms and Linens is Economical, Efficient, and Protects the Environment

It’s a simple fact that re-usable textiles are a cost-effective and earth-conscious approach to doing business. At Mission Linen Supply, the sale starts with the concept that renting linens and uniforms makes sense and is good for the environment.

Some benefits associated with a rental program include:

  • Reduce solid waste
  • Reduce storage space
  • Use less product (cloth towels are four times more absorbent
  • than paper towels)

Our sales representatives work with you to build customized programs that are consistent with your company’s environmental policy, such as roll towels, and cloth napkins for restaurants. Our Partner in Progress Program lets you buy from vendors who share our commitment to selling eco-safe items.

Consider these benefits of renting from Mission Linen Supply:

  • No initial investment
  • Guaranteed professionally cleaned items
  • On time delivery, every time
  • Choices among a variety of styles and colors

Buying Products Direct Makes Your Job Easier

Mission Linen Supply understands the challenges of running a business today. That’s why we offer as many solutions as possible to make your job easier. Our full line of product offerings makes it possible to do most of your purchasing from just one supplier.