Industry Solutions

At Mission Linen Supply we are widely recognized for our ability to understand, anticipate and meet our customers’ needs.

No matter what your requirements, we’ll provide your organization with dependable service and products that save you money, improve the efficiency of your workplace and enhance your company’s image.

Full Service Capabilities

Mission Linen Supply offers technology, industry expertise, and strong partner relationships to help you run your business.

We’ll take care of all your uniform needs. We also offer a wide array of mats, shop towels and environmentally-friendly goods for rent or purchase, delivered with exceptional service, value and integrity.

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Price and item protection
  • One provider for rental and direct purchase items
  • Consolidated billing options
  • Greater control over inventory
  • Extensive line of products:
    • Uniforms
    • Executive Garments
    • High Visibility Apparel
    • Flame Resistant Garments
    • Mats
    • Custom Logo Emblems
    • Dust Control