Floor Care

Floor Mats

Mission Linen Supply offers a wide selection of mats that improve every area of your establishment. Our quality floor mats are attractive, affordable and durable, making them ideal for entrances, workstations and displays. Rubber backing keeps employees safe while you protect your floors. Customers love the design details and beauty of our handsome mats, many of which can be customized with your logo to further enhance your company’s image.

  • Entrance mats
  • Safety mats
  • Utility mats
  • Microfiber mats
  • Kitchen mats
  • Scraper mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Flow-thru mats
  • Custom Logo mats

Dust and Wet Mops

We offer dust and wet mops in different sizes and varieties to clean all areas of your facility. Our dust mops help you keep dry floors clean, and our wet mops let you wash floors and other surfaces with ease. Ask about our new microfiber wet mop. The superior design will save you time and money!