Floor Care

Enhance your Establishment with Beautiful Floors

Clean floors in your business establishment or work facility can be a welcoming sight to your customers and guests. However, floors take a lot of beating with all the foot traffic that takes place day in and day out. Moisture, mud, and debris from soiled shoes can leave your floors dirty and create an unpleasant sight. That is why keeping your floors clean is a major consideration when you want to create a lasting impression for your business. Mission Linen not only provide safety and cleaning solutions to our clients we also offer the finest in commercial mats including:

  • Entrance mats
  • Safety mats
  • Utility mats
  • Kitchen mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Scraper mats
  • Microfiber mats
  • Flow-thru mats

Our extensive line of floorcare products

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How Floor Mats Can Help

Proper commercial floor care starts with regular cleaning and maintenance. Having floor mats in all the right places can help you achieve this. High-quality, commercial matting help capture dirt and debris as customers walk in and out of your business establishment. Specialized floor mats in work areas are also essential in providing safety and comfort for all your employees. Besides keeping your floors clean and safe, floor mats largely help reduce maintenance costs so your floors can hold up to years and years of high pedestrian traffic.

Floorcare Products & Supplies

Quality Floor Mats from Mission Linen

Mission Linen Supply offers a wide selection of floor mats designed to improve every area of your establishment. Our full line of commercial matting includes entrance mats, scraper mats, safety mats, anti-fatigue mats, and custom logo mats, to name a few. Our quality floor mats are attractive, affordable and durable, making them ideal for entrances, workstations and displays. Rubber backing keeps your customers and employees safe and secure while you protect your floors. Customers will also love the design details and beauty of our attractive mats, many of which can be customized with your logo to further enhance and promote your company image.


Dust and Wet Mops

Of course, floor care is never complete without dust and moisture control products that help keep your floors looking spick and span all the time. Mission Linen also offers a range of dust and wet mops in different sizes and varieties to clean all areas of your facility. Our dust mops drastically cut cleaning time to keep dry floors clean, while our wet mops let you wash floors and other surfaces with ease. Ask about our newest collection of microfiber products that include dust and wet mops, scrubbing pads, and cleaning cloths. Their ability to wick moisture and pick up dirt and residue is unmatched, helping you save lots of time and money in all your cleaning applications!

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