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Mission Linen Supply Drives Gas Reductions

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Mission Linen Supply Drives Gas Reductions, by adding Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Propane Vehicles to its Fleet

Santa Barbara, CA (March 25, 2014) — As part of an ongoing commitment to lead the textile services industry in the implementation of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, Mission Linen has announced that is has more than quintupled the number of alternative fuel vehicles in its fleet.

Recently, the company increased its number of compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG) from six to 32, and has added six new propane vehicles to its fleet of 500. These eco-conscious vehicles are utilized in three of the fives states it conducts business in; California, Arizona and Texas ensuring that Mission can continue to meet the growing delivery demands of their customers in the most environmentally accountable way available today.

In addition to an infrastructure that allows the company to save hundreds of thousands of kWh per year, Mission Linen has focused its water treatment and consumption processes on sustainability and conservation. By adding alternative fuel vehicles to its broad range of responsible practices, Mission has solidified its status not only as an efficient and eco-friendly company in California, but as a national leader in environmentally conscious business practices.

The CNG vehicles have powered engines that are capable of reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by as much as 98%, reducing smog by burning cleaner fuel. They are capable of reducing carcinogenic particulate matter by 99%, and boast an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 30% or greater.

“In addition to our broad range of sustainable corporate practices, we are excited to expand our alternative fuel vehicles within our fleet,” said John Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer. “In just a short period of time, we have seen positive effects on the environment, natural resources, and on route optimization. Thanks to our commitment to these environmentally accountable practices, we’re able to provide our customers with the exceptional delivery service they demand while also preserving our environment.“

Mission Linen’s new propane vehicles consist of ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-450 propane autogas step vans, which burn cleaner fuel and result in reduced harmful emissions. Since adding these vehicles to the fleet, the company has seen a reduction in resources that includes savings in fuel cost, a 24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, and a 60% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions. In addition, these vehicles meet Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certification requirements.

About Mission Linen Supply

Mission Linen Supply is a privately held, family-owned company with over 80 years of experience and a leading provider of textile rental products, services and supplies to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses. The company’s mission is to maximize customer profits and operating efficiencies by offering one-stop-shopping for linen and industrial needs.

Mission Linen Supply manages more than 40 plants and employs twenty-two hundred people in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. The company relies on technology and environmentally-minded vendor partners to conserve resources and reduce waste. Founded in 1930, Mission Linen Supply is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and is located on the web at

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