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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Aug. 12, 2014 — In a recent article in Wholesale & Distribution International called “Total Coverage,” Chris Petersen praised Mission Linen Supply for providing its customers with a complete textile solution. The article highlights the 84-year-old company’s broad service capabilities, talented employees and environmental stewardship as its greatest advantages.

While most linen or uniform supply companies tend to focus on one or two specific segments of the marketplace, Mission Linen Supply has an advantage over the competition with its ability to provide a complete textile solution for multiple customer bases.

“We serve the widest array of customers in the textile industry. These range from hospitals and smaller medical clinics to high-end restaurants, from manufacturing facilities that have industrial garment requirements to oil refineries and natural gas service companies that work in remote areas to develop natural resources and use specialty fire-resistant garments,” said John Ross, president and CEO.

With over 2,500 employees in five Western states, Mission believes the investment it makes in its employees through various training programs helps provide outstanding customer service while developing leaders and providing a solid career path with growth and opportunity. The key to meeting the diverse needs of its customers is simple: its employees. “Our people are skilled, are knowledgeable in the industries we serve and our customers’ unique challenges, and have a long tenure with Mission Linen Supply,” said Ross. The average employee providing front-line customer service to Mission’s customers has more than a decade of experience with the company.

Another area that helps Mission gain recognition among its customers and the industry is its commitment to the environment. Environmental preservation and sustainability is a pillar of this company. Since 1970, Mission has been working to improve the industry’s environmental impact through water reclamation, energy conservation and equipment rebuilding programs. The team of engineers and production staff works hard to be innovative and stay ahead of the curve with technology and sustainability practices.


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