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When it comes to finding the best uniform supplier, employee uniform programs, or finding the best uniform cleaning service, we’ve got you covered. Mission has been providing our customers with the best employee apparel products and solutions that take the hassle out of renting, buying, and laundering your employees workwear for more than 80 years.

By offering businesses and industries uniform programs and services that cover everything from pick-up to delivery, logo branding and embroidery, you can rest assured that we can handle all your work apparel and uniform needs.


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How Uniforms can Give Your Business THE Edge

Maintaining a professional image is key to every business no matter what industry you’re in. Studies show that outfitting your employees with high-quality uniforms help create a more consistent and positive image of your company. Clients and customers are also more likely to engage with uniformed employees because uniforms have a way of projecting competence and knowledge in your field of specialization.

Employees, on the other hand, take on a great sense of pride and responsibility when wearing uniforms. They know that they represent your brand or business when they wear one, and this translates to better productivity and performance in their respective roles.


Purchasing or Renting Uniforms

Due to growing environmental concerns, a significant percentage of business and corporations are embarking on employee uniform programs. Wearing uniforms to work means less professional wardrobe items to buy, which translates to cost savings and reduced solid waste. But the decision to outfit your employees with uniforms does not stop here – you need to decide whether buying or renting uniforms will be the best option.

Coming up with the right choice largely depends on the type of business you are engaged in. The number of people you employ is also a significant factor to consider. Whether you choose to rent or purchase, Mission Linen Supply can develop uniform programs that meet your expectations of quality, appearance and durability.

Our styles number in the hundreds and meet the needs of those in a variety of workplaces. We provide safety apparel and flame resistant garments, as well as work shirts, jackets, chef wear and casual clothing to meet your specific requirements. Learn More

Give your business a professional image that stands above the rest! To purchase uniforms or learn more about our uniform rental program, get in touch with us at Mission Linen Supply today.
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